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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

About Connected Apps

Connected Apps allows MVISION Cloud Incident Managers to discover third-party applications associated with Google Drive and Microsoft 365 and connected to your corporate environment via OAuth. Then it provides a workflow for you to manually remediate, audit, allow or block Connected Apps access to users' data, notify users via email of an app's status, and revoke access as needed. 

Cloud Service Providers, especially those that have marketplaces, allow users to access and use third-party apps that connect with their service via OAuth. These apps provide many benefits and are used so seamlessly, users might not even realize they are there. For example, Google Drive allows apps to access user data, such as Lucid Charts and DocHub, among many others. But while they provide benefits to users, third-party apps can present administrators with security concerns and risk of user data loss. 

Currently, Connected Apps supports Google Drive and Microsoft 365.

MVISION Cloud scans Google Suite and Microsoft 365 regularly to discover new Connected Apps. The initial scan is a Full scan, and subsequent scans are Incremental. The Connected Apps list is populated by this scan. 

You can create policies to manage access to Connected Apps by the service or service instance, include or exclude users and user groups, and select rules, exceptions, and responses. A policy building wizard helps you define your policy. Then manage your policies on the Connected Apps Policies page. 

You can view incidents generated by Connected Apps on the Incidents > Policy Incidents page. 

Enable Connected Apps

  • For Google Drive, you will authorize MVISION Cloud to access Google Drive, then configure the integration via API. For prerequisites and details, see Connected Apps for Google Drive
  • For Microsoft 365, Connected Apps is enabled by default when you integrate O 365 for MVISION Cloud. You can disable the feature if required. For details, see Connected Apps for Microsoft 365

Find Connected Apps at Analytics Connected Apps. For details, see the Connected Apps Page



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