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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Search for a User with a Salt

If tokenization is enabled for your tenant, MVISION Cloud Connector tokenizes user names and source IP addresses before it uploads them to MVISION Cloud. Then they are stored in tokenized form in the MVISION Cloud database.

In MVISION Cloud, if a user has detokenization permissions, and if the browser can connect with the Cloud Connector VM, you might see the data in clear text. Otherwise, the data is displayed as token strings, including a salt value, which is used to secure passwords in storage. 

The tokenization salt value is entered when Cloud Connector is installed for your tenant. 

If the data stored with MVISION Cloud is tokenized, to search for a tokenized user name from the Omnibar on the Users Overview page or the Services page, you must provide the salt value.

  1. In the Omnibar, enter the user name you want to search for, and from the autocomplete suggestion, select User Search
  2. The user name is added to the Omnibar, and you are prompted for the Salt value
  3. Enter the salt value (the same one from your Cloud Connector configuration) and click Save. The salt value is stored only for the current browser session. 
  4. The search process tokenizes the user name using the salt, and search the tokenized string in the MVISION Cloud database for a match.

Because the salt is saved for the current browser session, you will not need to re-enter the salt for any new search. 

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