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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

About Gmail Inline DLP


Before you begin, make sure that you have:

  • Admin account to the GSuite tenant.
  • MVISION Cloud tenant
  • Opened a support ticket and request assistance in pre-configuring your tenant.

IMPORTANT: If you require Email DLP for both Exchange-Online and Gmail simultaneously, contact MVISION Cloud Support


Workflow steps are as follows:
  1. A user in your organization sends a message. 
  2. Based on mail routing rules configured in Gmail, messages are forwarded to the MVISION Cloud Gateway SMTP server.
  3. The MVISION Cloud Gateway SMTP server proxies the connection from the Gmail server (2), performs DLP inspection, and proxies back the connection to the Gmail server (4).
  4. The message is received by the Gmail Server.
  5. The Gmail Server forwards the message onto the original destination(s).
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