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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Configure MVISION Cloud for Jive

MVISION Cloud for Jive enables SOC Admins to monitor user activity in Jive, enforce security policies, and review threats detected by McAfee MVISION Cloud's UEBA  and machine learning algorithms.  


  1. Admin credentials for Jive community.
  2. Get the McAfee for the Jive Add-On package. 
    • Contact McAfee Support to get the package.

To enable Jive in McAfee MVision Cloud:

  1. Log in to Jive. Select Add-Ons from the profile menu.
  2. Select Upload Package. On the next page, upload the OAuth add-on package provided by McAfee and complete the installation.
  3. Click the gear icon on the right side of the installed package and select ‘View Client ID and Secret’. Save the Client ID and Secret for future use.
  4. Click Enable on the setup page for Jive Hosted instance in the Service Management page.
  5. Enter the following details and submit:
    • Jive URL
    • Client ID
    • Client Secret
    • Admin Email ID
  6. When prompted, log in to Jive with Admin credentials. Click Allow.
  7. Once authenticated, Jive events are received by McAfee MVISION Cloud.
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