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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Microsoft Azure Prerequisites/Permissions

The following prerequisites are required to configure MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Azure.

  1. A paid, standard-tier Azure subscription. 

IMPORTANT: Free and Azure AD subscriptions are not supported. Free tier Azure subscriptions don't generate recommendations for Configuration Audit policies, which prevents corresponding policies in MVISION Cloud from having an associated incident. AD subscriptions don't allow provisioning of resources, making that subscription type incompatible with MVISION Cloud. However, if you are using Azure Active Directory itself, your Azure subscription is supported by MVISION Cloud, as users in your organization have sufficient permissions to provision resources.

  1. Proper permissions associated with an account. Permissions to read security configurations of Azure resources associated with the Subscriptions accessible to MVISION Cloud:
Permissions Required Configuration Audit Activity Monitoring DLP and Malware (including Quarantine)
Reader Yes Yes No
Reader and Data Access Yes Yes Yes


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