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Azure POP Deployment in Existing Infrastructure

Before deploying the POP in an existing Virtual Network, the following are required.

  • Resource group and the Private SSH key.
  • Virtual network within the resource group with a subnet to configure POP infrastructure and Bastion subnet for Azure Bastion host.
  • Bastion host to access the virtual machine.
  • Standard NAT Gateway should be present which is associated with the subnet in the virtual network.
  • Network Security group with the following inbound and outbound security rules should be present and associated with the subnet.



Once these things are validated, extract the ‘Infrastructure.tar,’ that is part of the POP Deployment Package (PopDeployment.tar). The tar contains the ARM template (‘Azure_ExistingInfra.json’) to create infrastructure in Azure and deploy the POP.

  1. Navigate to the Templates in Azure Console.
  2. Go to Templates > Add >  Provide Name and Description. Copy and paste the Azure_NewInfra.json contents then choose Add.
  3. In the newly created template, choose Deploy.
  4. Provide the inputs for the POP Deployment Template similar to the steps mentioned in section Deploy Azure POP In a new Infrastructure.
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