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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Configure MVISION Cloud for CWP

To use Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) with MVISION Cloud perform the following prerequisites. 


McAfee Enterprise CWP requires MVISION Cloud and MVISION ePO to work. Make sure you have access to both products before you begin. 

Contact MVISION Cloud Support

McAfee Enterprise CWP is available on a limited basis. For details on enabling CWS for your MVISION Cloud tenant and MVISION ePO, contact MVISION Cloud Support.

Add Service Instance

If you haven't already, add a service instance for AWS or Microsoft Azure

Import and Activate Policy

Import and enable the policy McAfee Enterprise Agent installed on Server endpoints

For instructions, see Create a Policy from a Template

Install the McAfee Enterprise Agent

Once MVISION Cloud is configured, you can select unmanaged compute resources, and install the McAfee Enterprise Agent in two ways:

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