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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Resources for Container Security

On the Resources page, you can view your configured container security resources, and see at a glance if they are in compliance. 

  1. Go to Analytics > Resources
  2. Under Resource Type, select your resources. 
  3. Click the Resource in the table to see the Cloud Card for details.  

Fixed Issue: Unique Container Images and Affected Resources

In the Resources Cloud Card for container images, you'll find the following important details:

  • EntityName. The name of the container image. 
  • ImageDigest. The unique identifier for the container image. 
  • ImageTags. These are different tags for the same container image. 

Previously, when you scanned a container image, items identified by different tags were counted as separate resources, even when they were referenced by the same container image. Now, when you do a scan (and don't filter out certain items), the number of Items Scanned in the scan results should match the number of Resources listed. 

NOTE: This fix only applies when Security Configuration Audit and On-Demand Scans are enabled. 


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