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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

About CWPP Agent Upgrades


Once you've installed a CWPP Agent on a VM (Virtual Machine), the agent automatically updates itself by periodically running a self-updating binary. The binary checks for more recent versions on the server and updates the agent whenever it finds a new version.  The updater checks for latest version using cron at a daily interval. 

As part of the update, the outdated version is uninstalled and the latest version of the agent is installed. Any plugins that were running before the upgrade are automatically enabled to continue running.  

Agent upgrades failures are possible, though rare. If you notice an issue during or after an upgrade, check the following:

  • Permission issues in the native OS. Either executable permissions were unintentionally changed, or the binary is blocked by other security process like AppArmor or SE Linux 

  • Communication issues with PoP servers. Verify that the updater binary is able to communicate with the  PoP server. Communication issues could exist if the certificate expired or connection properties were unintentionally changed. 

  • Backend connection issues. Connection issues with the backend could be hampered by incorrect security group or rules, or in some case deletion of Security Group  resources.

If the upgrade issues continue, try uninstalling the agent and upgrading to the new version directly, or contact MVISION Cloud support.

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