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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Establish connectivity between Secure VPC and Agent VPC via VCP endpoints

 The PoP Deployment package contains the Helper Scripts Cloud Formation Template that automatically sets up the association with  Secure VPC and the Agents VPC. You can find the Helper Script under Infrastructure > aws > helperscript_aws.json in the PoP Deployment package downloaded from MVISION Cloud.  

Using the Helper Script helperscript_aws.json, navigate to the AWS Cloud Formation section and follow the instructions to set the VPC Endpoints and the association between the Secure VPC and Agents VPC. 

To establish connectivity:

  1. In the Helper Script helperscript_aws.json, go to the AWS Cloud Formation section.
  2. Go to CloudFormation > Create Stack > With new resources (Standard) > Template is ready > Upload a template file and choose the file named ‘helperscript_aws.json’ 
  3. Enter following parameters for the Cloud Formation stack:  
  • PoPName. Should be same as provided in pre-requisite stack 
  • PrivateSubnet. Choose private subnet in which endpoint needs to be created. Overlapping subnet to be present for the PoP services vpc and endpoints vpc to create endpoints. 
  • VPC. Enter VPC ID in which endpoints need to be created. 
  • VPCCIDR. Enter CIDR address assigned to vpc. 

  1. Wait for the cloud formation stack completion.


Once the deployment is completed, endpoints for CWPP services (namely connector and cicd) are created. A private DNS zone associated with the agent VPC is created with record sets of endpoints. The following resources are also created after the Cloud Formation stack completion:

  • CwppconnectorVPCEndpoint. An interface VPC Endpoint for PoP connector service is created. 
  • CwppcicdVPCEndpoint. An interface VPC Endpoint for PoP cicd service is created. 
  • DNS. A private hosted zone is created in the specified VPC. 
  • CwppcicdDNSRecord. A record set for the cicd endpoint namely cwpp-cicd.cwpp.mcafee and a record set for the connector endpoint namely cwpp-connector.cwpp.mcafee are created. 


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