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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Validating PoP deployment

After deploying a PoP, you should verify that the deployment was successful.

To confirm PoP deployment:

Check the following to confirm the PoP:

  • Cloud Formation stack after deployment should not have any errors. 

  • Primary instance and Auto scaling instances should be created based on the desired node capacity provided. 

  • Network Load Balancers and Endpoint services should be created based on the Availability zones configured. 

  • PoP should be reported to MVISION Cloud and should be displayed in PoP Management page

  • When PoP is selected in MVC UI all the required information namely- Account details, Agents installed in Clients parameter and Client Configuration Package for agent installation, Status of all PoP services, Last communication, service version installed and Private Link Service Name which can be leveraged for endpoint creation should be displayed. 

  • Status of all the CWPP services should be Healthy. 

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