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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Validating PoP deployment

After deploying a PoP, verify that the deployment was successful.

To confirm PoP deployment:

Check the following to confirm the PoP:

  • Make sure the Cloud Formation stack after deployment does not have any errors. 
  • Primary instance and Autoscaling instances are created based on the desired node capacity provided. 
  • Network Load Balancers and Endpoint services are created based on the Availability zones configured. 
  • PoP reports to MVISION Cloud and displays in the PoP Management page
  • When PoP is selected in MVISION Cloud UI, all the required information is displayed: 
    • Account details
    • Agents installed in Clients parameter
    • Client Configuration Package for agent installation
    • Status of all PoP services
    • Last communication
    • Service version installed
    • Private Link Service Name, which can be leveraged for endpoint creation
  • Make sure the status of all the CWPP services is Healthy. 
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