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Deploy a PoP in existing GCP infrastructure

Before deploying a PoP, please make sure you've met the following prerequisites:

  • Pre-configured VPC network with a subnet
  • File Store associated with the VPC network to store PoP service logs 

Infrastructure.tar, which is part of the PoP Deployment Package (PopDeployment.tar), contains the deployment script ( to deploy the PoP. 

To deploy a PoP: 

  1. To create GCP profile which will be used to bring up a PoP, execute the following command:

sudo gcloud config set project <PROJECT-ID> 

  1. Copy the deployment script located in Infrastructure.tar using the following command:   

    gsutil cp <path to>  
  2. Copy the stored public key using the following command: 

    gsutilcp <path to key.txt> key.txt

Note: key.txt is the public key and should be present in required GCP format. 

  1. Execute the following command with the respective values:

bash --popname=<PoP_Name> --storage=<NFS Mount point link> --zone= <ZONE> --region= <REGION> --account=<Service Account Email> --network=<VPC network name> --subnet=<Subnet name> --infrapackage=<Infrastructure.tar path> --poppackage=<PoPDeployment.tar path> --nodes=1 --key-location="key.txt location" 

  1. Provide the inputs for the PoP Deployment Template as found here.
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