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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Install a CWPP Agent Using AWS User Data


AWS User data is a mechanism that allows you to run scripts during an instance provisioning.

To install CWPP agents through user data: 

  1. In AWS, go to Create EC2 instance and initiate an instance creation.

  2. In the Configure Instance Details wizard, select an IAM Role that has EC2-ReadOnlyAccessToS3Buckets 

  3. Upload the custom user data script AgentInstall.shprovided in the previous section 

NOTE: Ensure that the AWS S3 location in the script contains the valid PoPCICDPackage.tar package  



  1. Ensure that the Agents have Outbound connection access to the internet. This is required to download the required packages.

  2. Create the instance. 

Once the instance creation is done, as part of the instance creation the script installs the CWPP agent. The installed agent will report to MVISION Cloud and will be flagged as a managed instance.  

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