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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Install a CWPP Agent via Command line on a VM


To install a CWPP Agent via command line: 

  1. Download the agent deployment package named PoPCICDPackage.tar from MVISION Cloud (Client Configuration Package) to the VM.


  1. Untar the downloaded PoPCICDPackage.tar by running following command:

tar -xf PoPCICDPackage.tar 

IMPORTANT: The command needs to be run on the same folder location where the certificates are stored. Make sure to point to the correct location before proceeding.  

  1. Download the Agent install script by running the following command:

curl -o --cacert ca-cicd.crt --key cicd-client.key --cert cicd-client.crt https://cwpp-cicd.cwpp.mcafee:8080/cwpp/cicd/v1/agent-installer/linux/pkg
wherecicd.cwpp.mcafee is the address of API service running as part of the PoP 

  1. The CWPP Agent installation script is downloaded by invoking curl command and executed. 
  • Change the permission for agent installer script downloaded 

                chmod +x 

  •  Execute the agent installer script as sudoer or root user  

                sudo ./ cicdaddr=${cicdAddr} cicdcerts=${cicdCertsDir} cicdport=8080  

Here the cicdAddr is nothing but https://cwpp-cicd.cwpp.mcafee:8080/cwpp 

  1. Check cwpagentinstall.log for installation details and  'sudo servicecwpagentd --version' for currently installed version.
  2. Validate if the same is reporting health status to the PoP in MVISION Cloud under Clients lists. 
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