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Skyhigh CASB supports the following definitions, validation, and keyword information for Financial data identifiers. 

NOTE: Skyhigh CASB regex includes an extra backslash to conform with JSON string structure. Naked regex would have only one backslash, but regex in strings requires the extra backslash to be escaped. For more information, see

Data Identifier Definition Validation Keyword

ABA Routing Number

The American Banking Association (ABA) routing number, also known as a routing transit number (RTN), is used to identify financial institutions and process transactions.

Every ABA routing number must start with the following two digits: 00-15,21-32,61-72,80 and pass an ABA specific, position-weighted check sum.



  • aba
  • aba #
  • aba routing #
  • aba routing number
  • aba#
  • abarouting#
  • abaroutingnumber
  • american bank association routing #
  • american bank association routing number
  • americanbankassociation
  • americanbankassociation
  • bank routing #
  • bank routing number
  • bankrouting#
  • bankroutingnumber

CUSIP Number

The CUSIP number is a unique identifier assigned to North American stock or other securities. This number is issued by the Committee of Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP) to assist in clearing and settling trades.

Validator checks for invalid CUSIP ranges and computes the CUSIP checksum (Modulus 10 Double Add Double algorithm).


  • cusip
  • c.u.s.i.p.
  • Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures
  • American Bankers Association
  • NNA
  • National Numbering Association
  • National Securities Identification Number
  • S&P
  • Standard & Poor's
  • Standard&Poor’s

Credit Card Magnetic Stripe Data

The magnetic stripe of a credit card contains information about the card. Storage of the complete version of this data is a violation of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.

Computes the Luhn checksum, which every instance must pass.

".*[\\t\\n\\r ]?(;([0-9]{1,19})=([0-9]{4})([0-9]{3})(.*)\\?).*"

  • magnetic stripe card
  • credit card magnetic stripe data
  • magnetic stripe data
  • credit card data

Credit Card Number

Account number needed to process credit card transactions. Often abbreviated as CCN. Also known as a Primary Account Number (PAN).

Prefix from a valid card issuer and computes the Luhn checksum which every Credit Card Number must pass.

"2014 \\d{6} \\d{5}",
"2149 \\d{6} \\d{5}",
"3[068]\\d{2} \\d{6} \\d{4}",
"3[47]\\d{2} \\d{6} \\d{5}",
"3\\d{3} \\d{4} \\d{4} \\d{4}",
"4\\d{3} \\d{4} \\d{4} \\d{4}",
"5[1-5]\\d{2} \\d{4} \\d{4} \\d{4}",
"6011 \\d{4} \\d{4} \\d{4}",

  • account number
  • account ps
  • american express
  • americanexpress
  • amex
  • bank card
  • bankcard
  • card num
  • card number
  • cc #
  • cc#
  • ccn
  • check card
  • checkcard
  • credit card
  • credit card #
  • credit card number
  • credit card#
  • debit card
  • debitcard
  • diners club
  • dinersclub
  • discover
  • enroute
  • japanese card bureau
  • jcb
  • mastercard
  • mc
  • visa
EU Debit Card Number Debit card numbers as issued by the major debit card carriers in the European Union such as Maestro, Visa and Laser.

Detects sensitive information by searching for required keywords and passes a checksum. 

          "(0604|5018|5020|5038|5612|5893|6304|63906706|6709|6759|6761|6762|6763|6771|6799) \\d{4} \\d{4} \\d{4,7}",
          "(4026|417500|4405|4508|4844|4913|4917|5019) \\d{4} \\d{4} \\d{4}",

  • account number
  • card number
  • card no.
  • security number
  • cc#


The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard for identifying bank accounts across national borders.

Computes the ISO 7064 Mod 97-10 checksum of the complete match.

"((NO)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{3}|(NO)[0-9A-Z]{13}|(BE)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}|(BE)[0-9A-Z]{14}|(DK|FO|FI|GL|NL)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{2}|(DK|FO|FI|GL|NL)[0-9A-Z]{16}|(MK|SI)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{3}|(MK|SI)[0-9A-Z]{17}|(BA|EE|KZ|LT|LU|AT)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}|(BA|EE|KZ|LT|LU|AT)[0-9A-Z]{18}|(HR|LI|LV|CH)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{1}|(HR|LI|LV|CH)[0-9A-Z]{19}|(BG|DE|IE|ME|RS|GB)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{2}|(BG|DE|IE|ME|RS|GB)[0-9A-Z]{20}|(GI|IL)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{3}|(GI|IL)[0-9A-Z]{21}|(AD|CZ|SA|RO|SK|ES|SE|TN)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}|(AD|CZ|SA|RO|SK|ES|SE|TN)[0-9A-Z]{22}|(PT)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{1}|(PT)[0-9A-Z]{23}|(IS|TR)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{2}|(IS|TR)[0-9A-Z]{24}|(FR|GR|IT|MC|SM)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{3}|(FR|GR|IT|MC|SM)[0-9A-Z]{25}|(AL|CY|HU|LB|PL)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}|(AL|CY|HU|LB|PL)[0-9A-Z]{26}|(MU)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{2}|(MU)[0-9A-Z]{28}|(MT)[0-9A-Z]{2}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{4}[ ][0-9A-Z]{3}|(MT)[0-9A-Z]{29})"

  • Code IBAN
  • numéro IBAN
  • IBAN Code
  • IBAN number

International Securities Identification Number

An identifier that represents a financial security, such as a bond, stock or warrant

An ISIN consists of three parts: A two letter country code, a nine character alpha-numeric national security identifier, and a single check digit.


  • ISIN
  • International Securities Identification Number
  • i.s.i.n
  • Standard & Poor's
  • S&P
  • National Numbering Association
  • NNA ID
  • ID number
  • identification number
  • Id no.
  • international securities ID no.
  • International securities ID number
SWIFT Code A SWIFT code (or SWIFTBIC, as it's sometimes known) is a code that helps overseas banks identify which bank to send money to. "[A-Z]{6}\\w{2}",
  • bic#
  • international organization for standardization 9362
  • iso 9362
  • iso9362
  • swift#
  • swiftcode
  • swiftnumber
  • swiftroutingnumber
  • swift code
  • swift number
  • swift routing number
  • bic number
  • bic code
  • bic #
UK SEDOL SEDOL stands for Stock Exchange Daily Official List, a list of security identifiers used in the United Kingdom and Ireland for clearing purposes.

After January 26, 2004, SEDOLs were changed to be alpha-numeric and are issued sequentially, beginning with B000009. At each character position numbers precede letters and vowels are never used. All new SEDOLs, therefore, begin with a letter. Ranges beginning with 9 are reserved for end-user allocation.

The check digit for a SEDOL is chosen to make the total weighted sum of all seven characters a multiple of 10. 

For British securities, SEDOLs are converted to ISINs by padding the front with two zeros, then adding the country code on the front and the ISIN check digit at the end.

  • british
  • the united kingdom
  • uk
  • united kingdom
  • unitedkingdom


  • sedol
  • sedol number
  • Stock Exchange Daily Official List
UK Sort Code The sort code, which is a six-digit number, is usually formatted as three pairs of numbers, for example, 12-34-56. It identifies both the bank and the branch where the account is held. In some cases, the first digit of the sort code identifies the bank itself and in other cases, the first two digits identify the bank. Regex only: "(\\d){2}-(\\d){2}-(\\d){2}"
  • british
  • the united kingdom
  • uk
  • united kingdom
  • unitedkingdom


  • sort
  • sort code
  • sort code number


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