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About the Logging Client

The Logging Client is a Windows app that collects debug and error log files that you can use for investigations or analysis with Skyhigh Security Service Edge or WSGS with Trellix ePO. The app can also be used to archive Skyhigh Security Service Edge web access data in your network or feed it directly into your reporting or analytics tools. By default, the utility is installed on your Desktop.

The Logging Client automatically crawls logs at an interval you set. Depending on your needs, you can have logs saved to a folder on your local computer, or you can have them automatically sent to a Syslog server.


You'll need to have the following information handy:

  • Customer ID. This ID number can be found in your welcome email. It's shared by all users on a tenant. Or see Find the Customer ID
  • Email and password. Your log in credentials is used to identify your specific log files. If you log in to Skyhigh CASB via SAML, meaning you do not need to enter a password, you cannot currently install the Logging Client.
  • Syslog information. If you're planning to use the Logging Client to send logs automatically to a Syslog server, you'll need the client host and client port. The log file sent to the Syslog server will be in the CSV format over TCP or UDP.
  • Usage Analytics Users. Your Skyhigh CASB account must have the Usage Analytics Users role. 

Change Logging Client settings 

After you configure the Logging Client, if you'd like to change any settings, you'll need to uninstall, then reinstall the client. Once reinstalled, you can edit options, then restart the service to apply changes.

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