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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

GDPR Attributes

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) risk evaluation is implemented in MVISION Cloud as a risk attribute in the Business Risk category. It appears under the attribute category Regulatory Compliance, and has the following values:

  • GDPR Risk High
  • GDPR Risk Medium
  • GDPR Risk Low

The GDPR risk attribute is determined by performing calculations using the following risk attributes. The absolute value and weighting of the individual attributes are modified to reflect the importance of each of them within GDPR. When any of these attribute values change, the GDPR risk attribute value is automatically recomputed and evaluated.

Risk Category Attribute
Data Risk File Sharing Support
Data Risk Data Encryption in transit
Data Risk Auto Sync of Data
Data Risk Data Retention on Termination
Data Risk Data Content Type
Data Risk Granular Access Controls
Data Risk DLP Integration
User/Device Risk Anonymous Use
User/Device Risk Multifactor Authentication
User/Device Risk Identity Federation Method
User/Device Risk Enterprise Identity
User/Device Risk Device Pinning
Service Risk IP Filtering Support
Service Risk Is the service known to be compromised?
Service Risk Security Incident Notification
Business Risk Service Hosting Locations
Business Risk Compliance Certifications
Business Risk Admin Audit Logging
Business Risk User Activity Logging
Business Risk Data Access Logging
Legal Risk Jurisdictional Location
Legal Risk IP Ownership
Legal Risk Privacy Policy
Legal Risk Penalty on SLA
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