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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Private Registry

Private Registry can be classified in two broad categories:

  1. Cloud Services that are hosted on your IaaS provider. These are added automatically through the Shadow IaaS Discovery process. 
  2. Cloud Services and risk attributes that are added explicitly to your tenant

Private IaaS Services

Private services hosted on one of the large IaaS providers are added automatically for your tenant. Contact MVISION Cloud Support to configure the domains to be discovered against.

For instance, if the domain configured is, all services hosted on * would be added as private cloud service providers for that tenant. All private cloud services are enabled for detailed usage analytics.

Private Cloud Services

The MVISION Cloud Registry can be customized to add specific Cloud services to your tenant for detailed usage and analytics. 

To request a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to be added to the Cloud Registry for your tenant, contact MVISION Cloud Support. 

Private Risk Attributes

The MVISION Cloud Registry can be customized by adding risk attributes specifically for your tenant.

If your organization already has a Cloud Service vetting or on-boarding process in place, you can add specific attributes to your MVISION Cloud tenant so you can use the MVISION Cloud dashboard to analyze these services for more information. The exercise of evaluating each new cloud service provider is a tedious and lengthy process that can go on for weeks. To make this process easier, use MVISION Cloud's Cloud Registry and its enhanced customizable capabilities to perform vetting with all its identified risk attributes. For instance, your organization's risk attributes might not significantly overlap with MVISION Cloud's, and those specific attributes can be added to the Cloud Registry, where those attributes are visible only specifically to your tenant. 

Work with your Sales team or MVISION Cloud Support to customize the Cloud Registry.

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