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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Request a Service

The cloud services landscape is evolving dramatically each year with several hundred new cloud services introduced while existing services update their services and security posture. The MVISION Cloud Service Intelligence team, responsible for updating and maintaining the MVISION Cloud Cloud Registry, works constantly to ensure that the registry reflects the most current information about cloud services. 

Still, MVISION Cloud can rapidly identify a new cloud service and onboard it into the Cloud Registry.

To keep existing cloud service information updated, the Service Intelligence team reviews and updates attribute values using a combination of automated and manual update processes. Updates to the Cloud Registry use rigorous validation protocols, often requiring companies to submit evidence of changes in attribute values before updates are processed.

Request a Service

To request an addition to the registry:

  1. Go to Governance > Cloud Registry.
  2. Click Actions > Request a Service.
  3. Enter the top-level URL for the service, the Service Name, and a Description.
  4. Click Send.

Your request is sent to our Cloud Registry team. The team evaluates the service and add it to the Cloud Registry.

When you request to add a Cloud Service, a ticket is opened up with MVISION Cloud Support. The request is added to a queue and the service is added after review.  MVISION Cloud Support contacts you via email to let you know when the ticket is closed. 

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