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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Geo Location Tab

The Activity Monitoring Geo Location tab displays a world map with bubbles based on numbers of detected users. You can leverage this view to see how your organization interacts with the cloud on a global level. 

You can prioritize your cloud security strategy by where in the world specific activities and anomalies occur most often and find out which of your locations are most prone to specific threats.


Use the following actions in the Geo Location tab:

  • Zoom: Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out of the map, getting more information on the specific locations of the activity.
  • Click: Clicking on a bubble will bring up the list of detected users in the Activity List.
  • Unknown Location: A count of all activity that is not attributed to a specific location.

Select a tab to drill down for more information:

  • Users Tab. The Users tab details information about the individuals in your organization related to the activity being investigated.
  • Anomalies Tab. The Anomalies tab displays information about activities that exceed expected thresholds and indicate unusual behavior or potential threats. 
  • Activities Tab. The Activities tab displays information about each action taken by your users. 
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