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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Collaboration Tab

The Activity Monitoring Collaboration tab shows how data is shared both inside and outside your organization. Internal domains are shown in blue, while external domains are purple.

The size of the circles represents how many total sharing activities each domain engages in, and the thickness of the lines between each circle represents how many sharing activities occur between the two circles. This allows you to quickly monitor the internal and external collaborative relationships to identify threats or to better understand how your enterprise engages with collaboration CSPs.

You can use the Collaboration View as a tool to recognize potential threats: an unfamiliar CSP with a large circle and a thick line may indicate a data breach, especially if it appears suddenly. Additionally, if a CSP suffers a security breach, knowing which of your internal domains frequently collaborate with that CSP can help with your enterprises' response to the CSPs' breach.

To view:

  1. Go to Incidents  > User Activity > Activity Monitoring.
  2. Select a Collaboration Service, such as Box, Google Drive, Office 365, or Slack. 
  3. Select the Collaboration tab.
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