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McAfee MVISION Cloud

MVISION Cloud Enhanced Metadata

MVISION Cloud Enhanced Metadata is a unique set of data points that display in the Details pane. Enhanced Metadata enables you to launch an extensive forensic investigation with complete context around the incident, in addition to what the Cloud service gives. Enhanced Metadata also helps  MVISION Cloud to generate fewer false positives in anomalies and threats due to the complete context of any activity.

Enhanced Metadata.png

Enhanced Metadata can be used in the Omnibar to filter data:

Activity Monitoring Filter Metadata.png

Enhanced metadata includes:

  • ASN
  • ASN Name
  • Account ID
  • Activity Name
  • Anomaly Category
  • Anomaly Duration
  • Anomaly Name
  • Browser
  • Category
  • City
  • Device ID
  • Event Trust
  • IP Reputation
  • Network Type
  • Managed/Unmanaged Device
  • Operation Searchable
  • Event Trust Description
  • Proxy Type
  • Region
  • ASN Name
  • Proxy Description
  • Timestamps
  • Flight Risk
  • File Reputation
  • Hash Reputation
  • Device Thumbprint
  • Event Time
  • Retriveal Time (time retrieved by MVISION Cloud)
  • Loading Time (by MVISION Cloud)
  • User Agent
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