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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Limit the Columns Returned in the Data Export


You can include the tableVisibilityMap in your POST request to select data returned in the csv file. When you mark a column name true it will appear in the response data.

The following sample request is an example from the Allow/Deny report:

{ "User / IP Address": true,
"Allowed": true,
"Allowed vs Denied": true,
"Denied": true,
"Outbound": true,
"Inbound": false,
"Total access to service": false },


Use the customTableVisibilityMap object to specify the custom attributes that appear in csv output in applicable REST endpoint. When you mark a custom attribute name true it will appear in the response data.

You must use the exact name (case sensitive) as defined in Enterprise Connector to reveal the column in the response data, like in this example:

{ "Department": true,
"Location": true }