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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

About Cloud Connector

MVISION Cloud Connector (also called GroundLink) is a lightweight on-premises application that runs on a virtual machine to ingest and process logs from egress devices, such as proxies or firewalls. It identifies relevant log entries, while tokenizing confidential information, enhancing the value of your existing infrastructure investments. Then Cloud Connector compresses the data and securely uploads it to MVISION Cloud for discovery and analysis. Sensitive log data is tokenized on-premises, making sure no personally identifiable information or confidential data such as usernames and IP addresses leave your organization. Cloud Connector also integrates with edge devices (proxies and firewalls) for Closed-Loop Remediation, Active Directory, SIEM, and SMTP. 

Download and Install

Cloud Connector runs on a virtual machine, and is available for download and install on Windows or Linux environments. Before installing, review MVISION Cloud Connector Prerequisites

New versions of EC are usually released every three to four months. All new features and enhancements are available only in the latest release. For more information, see MVISION Cloud Connector Release and Support Plan

Configure Cloud Connector

Once you have installed Cloud Connector, the next step is to connect it to the MVISION Cloud Cloud. Then configure the required allow listed URLs.

MVISION Cloud Support can also help you configure CC to use High-Availability Mode for backup and scaling benefits. 

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