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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Cloud Connector migration to RocksDB (May 2021)

As part of v5.4.0, Cloud Connector migrated from LevelDB to RocksDB. RocksDB is configured by default for the following caches. You don't need to change any configurations on the CC end.

  1. generic_timeseries
  2. ip_time_user
  3. iptime_users
  4. ipdomainnamecache
  5. blockedurlcache
  6. dualmode_urlcache - RocksDB is Default
  7. tldcache
  8. unmatched_upload - RocksDB is Default
  9. ldapusers - RocksDB is Default

Most of this migration was automatically performed, but there is one short procedure that needs to be done to migrate two caches deObfmapdbcache andmapdbcache, to use RocksDB as the only data store. 

To configure Cloud Connector migration to RocksDB:   

  1. Stop the CC.
  2. In MVISION Cloud go to Settings > Infrastructure > Cloud Connector
  3. Choose Tokenization > Auto Delete Entries Based on Retention Period. Select Yes
  4. Export the old LevelDB data using following shnlpcli command:
    ./shnlpcli md --export MapDBEntries/NewMapDB.txt
  5. Import the data to TTLDB using following shnlpcli command:
    ./shnlpcli mapdb --import MapDBEntries/MapDBEncrypted.txt --encrypted true
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