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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

MVISION Cloud Connector Release and Support Plan

New patch versions of MVISION Cloud Connector are usually released once a month. All new features and enhancements are available only in the latest release. 

Release version numbers are named with major, minor, and patch versions. For example, version 4.1.2 is: major release 4, minor release 1, and patch version 2.

McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud supports the latest version (N) and up to + N-2 versions of Cloud Connector, where N represents the minor release number. 

To maintain up-to-date software and reduce the cost and risk of managing unsupported software, migrate to the new Cloud Connector version as it is made available. Exit older releases as they approach End of Life. 

  • End of Mainstream Support. End of Mainstream Support means that McAfee Enterprise will no longer field Support tickets for issues associated with that version, but the product still function. End of Mainstream Support is the warning that you must upgrade your MVISION Cloud Connector before End of Life. Support gives you three months to do so.
  • End of Life. End of Life means that the version is no longer available and no longer supported. Product features may not work as expected. 

Supported Software Versions

General Availability 

End of Mainstream Support End of Life
         MVISION Cloud Connector 5.5.3 12/2021 6/2022 10/2022
         MVISION Cloud Connector 5.5.2 11/2021 5/2022 8/2022
         MVISION Cloud Connector 5.5.1 9/2021 3/2022 6/2022
MVISION Cloud Connector 5.5.0 8/2021 2/2022 5/2022
         MVISION Cloud Connector 5.4.2 7/2021 1/2022 4/2022
         MVISION Cloud Connector 5.4.1 6/2021 12/2021 3/2022
MVISION Cloud Connector 5.4.0 5/2021 11/2021 2/2022
         MVISION Cloud Connector 5.3.2 4/2021 10/2021 1/2022
         MVISION Cloud Connector 5.3.1 3/2021 9/2021 12/2021
MVISION Cloud Connector 5.3.0 1/2021 7/2021 10/2021