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McAfee MVISION Cloud

MVISION Cloud Connector Tags

MVISION Cloud Connector tags are used to label firewall and proxy events processed by Cloud Connector. Tags are then displayed in the McAfee MVISION Cloud dashboard, and can be used to search for data via filters or on the Omnibar. You can also use Cloud Connector tags to create Data Jurisdictions to enforce restrictions on data accessed by MVISION Cloud users. 

To create Cloud Connector tags for your tenant, contact MVISION Cloud Support

Tags can be created against firewall/proxy events in the following ways:

  1. Add tags based on configuration/sub-configuration. Assign a tag based on the log location, assuming each log location is a separate configuration/sub-configuration, as defined by MVISION Cloud Support for your Cloud Connector. For example:
    • Create a "London" tag for logs in the folder /home/fwlogs/london.
    • Create a "San Jose" tag for logs in the folder /home/fwlogs/sanjose.
  2. Add tags based on the source IP from the firewall/proxy logs using a CSV file. The CSV file is located on the Cloud Connector's VM.
    NOTE: Source IP tags take precedence over configuration/sub-configuration-based tags.
  3. Add tags on specific fields from the firewall/proxy logs. For example, you can configure field #33 as a tag, where it could represent the wireless network used.
    IMPORTANT: This method of adding tags shares the max limit of five Active Directory custom attributes for the tenant.