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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Cloud Connector and MVISION Cloud Syslog Debug and Error Logs

McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud and MVISION Cloud Connector both log messages to debug and error logs. 

  • Debug logs contain info, warning, debug, error messages, and exceptions if any.
  • Error logs contain only error messages. 

Log File Location

MVISION Cloud and Cloud Connector Syslog Debug and Error logs are stored under the <ECinstall_dir>/logs directory, under the following file names:

  • shnlogprocessor-debug.log
  • shnlogprocessor-error.log
  • syslog-debug.log
  • syslog-error.log

Configuring Log File Size

The XML configuration files are stored under the Cloud Connector install directory.

Log sizes are configured in the following files, using the property MaxFileSize:

  • Cloud Connector -  log4j.xml 
  • Syslog - log4jsyslog.xml

The current default size of the logs is set to 10000 KB, or 10 MB.

When these logs reach the configured size, they are compressed and saved as ZIP files with names that include the date, such as: 



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