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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

About Unified Cloud Edge

Unified Cloud Edge combines the functionality of the McAfee Enterprise Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and McAfee Enterprise Web Protection on the MVISION Cloud management platform. Like CASB, McAfee Enterprise Web Gateway Cloud Service (WGCS) is managed in the MVISION Cloud UI.

WGCS is a globally available, enterprise cloud service that provides comprehensive web protection through in-depth content scanning and integration with other McAfee Enterprise web security technologies. The cloud service protects your organization from security threats that arise when users in your organization access the web. The service:

  • Scans and filters web traffic between your users and the cloud

  • Blocks traffic that is not allowed by the policy you configure

  • Protects users working inside or outside your network, for example, users working in a coffee shop or hotel

Using this service, you can prevent sophisticated threats, implement your organization's internet use policy, and promote productivity. For example, you can control access to file upload websites. Through hundreds of categories of web content, applications, and media types, you have fine-grained control over web use inside and outside the network.

Cloud services platform

As a service running on a cloud platform, WGCS is managed 24/7 by a team of McAfee Enterprise security experts. You purchase a subscription to the service, and there is no hardware or software to install.

The cloud services platform consists of globally distributed nodes called points of presence (PoP). The Global Routing Manager (GRM) is a DNS service that is responsible for intelligent traffic routing, load sharing, and failover. The GRM routes traffic to the best available point of presence.

Client Proxy

You can deploy WGCS with or without the McAfee Enterprise Client Proxy client software installed on your endpoints. The client software is location-aware and detects whether your users are working inside or outside the network. When users are working outside the network, Client Proxy redirects their web requests to WGCS for filtering.

To manage Client Proxy, you can:

  • Configure the bypass lists in the policy in MVISION Cloud.

  • Download the client software from MVISION Cloud.

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