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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Managing Certificates for HTTPS Scanning

Unified Cloud Edge uses certificates to set up a trust relationship with your endpoints, allowing the cloud service to scan HTTPS traffic between your endpoints and the cloud.

McAfee Enterprise provides these certificate authorities:

  • Default certificate authority. We recommend that you download the default CA from the Web Gateway Setup page and deploy it to the endpoints in your organization. You need this CA to use SAML authentication or see error messages that occur before you are authenticated.

  • Customer certificate authority. When you log on for the first time, McAfee Enterprise WGCS generates a custom CA for your organization. You can download and deploy this CA to your endpoints, but for the best protection, we recommend that you replace the custom CA with your own CA in the UI.

Managing your customer CA

You can manage your customer CA on the HTTPS Connection feature configuration page, which provides these options. Whatever option you choose, the CA configured in the UI must also be deployed on your endpoints.

  • Generate. Replaces the customer CA provided by McAfee Enterprise with the self-signed CA that you generate.

  • Import. Replaces the customer CA provided by McAfee Enterprise with the CA that you import.

  • Export. Exports the customer CA.


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