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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Configuring Web Filtering Rules

The Reputation and Category Rule Set allows you to open and configure the Web Filtering feature. Web Filtering makes sure that requests sent to configured URL categories, uncategorized URLs, risky websites, or geolocations are blocked.

When these rules are applied to a web request and the request is blocked, all further rule processing stops.

To configure Web Filtering Rules:

  1. Go to Policy > Web Policy > Policy.

  2. In the Policy Browser, select Web Filtering > Reputation and Category.

  3. (Optional) Configure criteria to limit the scope of this rule set. 

  4. Select the web filtering rules that you want enabled:

    • Skip URL Filtering for these domains, hosts or URLs. Skips URL filtering for web requests sent to the domains, hosts, or URLs in this list.

    • Block traffic for these categories. Blocks web requests sent to the URL categories in this list.

    • Block Traffic for these Malware Risk Categories (based on GTI Analysis). Blocks web requests sent to websites having the risk levels you select. Risk levels are assigned by McAfee Enterprise Global Threat Intelligence. Select one or more levels:

      • High Risk

      • Medium Risk

      • Low Risk

      • Uncategorized

  5. Configure how to handle uncategorized traffic:

    • Block All. Blocks web requests sent to all uncategorized URLs.

    • Block Only. Select one or more options:

      • Block these Media Types. Blocks web requests for media types in the list.

      • Block Uploads. Blocks uploads to uncategorized URLs.

      • Filter <script> tags. Blocks web requests sent to URLs that include the <script> tag.

  6. Configure the lists associated with the rules as needed.

Changes to the policy tree, rule sets, or rules are automatically saved locally. You can publish them to the cloud now

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