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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Using Location to limit the scope of a Rule Set


You can select one or more locations and specify whether the rule set applies to traffic inside or outside the selected locations.

Changes to the policy tree, rule sets, or rules are automatically saved locally. You can publish them to the cloud now or keep working and publish later.

To use Location to scope a rule set:

  1. Go to Policy > Web Policy Policy.

  2. In the policy tree, select a branch, then select a rule set.

  3. Click Edit above the list of rules.

  4. Select Location, then click Save.

  5. Click Configure next to Location and above the list of rules. The Apply Rules If Location pane opens. Select an option:

    • is. The rules in the rule set apply to traffic inside the selected locations.

    • is not. The rules in the rule set apply to traffic outside the selected locations.

  6. Select one or more locations. If there are many locations, you can use the search field to find the locations you want to edit.

  7. Click Save.

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