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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

About Enterprise DLP

Enterprise DLP integrates MVISION Cloud with any on-premises DLP that supports the ICAP protocol. This enables MVISION Cloud to integrate with solutions such as McAfee, Symantic/Vontu, RSA, or others. 


The workflow diagram illustrates the following steps:

  1. MVISION Cloud monitors the Service Provider for content changes.
  2. MVISION Cloud scans new files and messages in the Service Provider per the company’s DLP policy.
  3. A list of files that need examination pass via ICAP to the on-prem DLP solution for further review.
  4. For files that violate the DLP policy, MVISION Cloud can enforce policies, such as quarantine or tombstone the files in the Service Provider.

To configure Enterprise DLP, in the MVISION Cloud dashboard, go to Policy > Policy Settings.

For details, see Configure Enterprise DLP


  • The MVISION Cloud DLP Integrator must be installed before enabling Enterprise DLP.
  • Enterprise DLP can only be enabled for one MVISION Cloud DLP policy.
  • Enterprise DLP does not support de-duplication for incidents.
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