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McAfee MVISION Cloud

File Integrity Monitoring Policy Incidents

When installed with the CWPP Agent, the File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) plugin validates containers to assure compliance for files against a known good baseline. FIM Incidents are reported on the Policy Incidents page. 

For complete details about Policy Incidents, see Policy Incidents Page

To view FIM policy incidents:

  1. Go to Incidents > Policy Incidents
  2. Filter for Incident Type > File Integrity Incident
  3. Filter for your Service Name
  4. Click a table row to select an incident and display the Cloud Card
  5. In the first Cloud Card, click a Container File
  6. In the second Cloud Card, click a Container Instance associated with the file. 
  7. In the third Cloud Card, view the File Events and other details associated with the file, including File Hashes
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