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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Data Storage for Microsoft Azure

The Policy Settings Data Storage tab allows you to configure data storage settings for Match HighlightingIncident Notes, and Policy Incident Remediation

To store your data, you can use McAfee data storage, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, or Amazon Web Services (AWS)

NOTE: If you need to update parameters after saving them, MVISION Cloud Support can enable this. 


Configure Microsoft Azure

Provide Azure Blob Storage Access to MVISION Cloud

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal and create a Storage Container.
  2. Select the Storage Container and create an Access Policy. It should provide the following permissions on the container: Read, Write, Delete, and List (Allowed permissions). 
  3. Configure a start time and end time that is bounded.
  4. Go to Storage Accounts and select the Storage Account where the Match Highlights container was created.
  5. Click Storage Explorer, right-click the Storage Container for Match highlights, and click Get Shared Access Signature
  6. Select the access policy you created, and create the Shared Access Signature.
  7. Copy the complete URL and provide it to MVISION Cloud in the following section.

Get the SAS URL

  1. Create or access a Storage Account in Azure. 
  2. Go to that Storage Account. 
  3. On the left panel, find the Shared Access Signature. Make sure the following checkboxes are enabled:
    • Allowed services > Blob
    • Allowed resource types > Service, Container, Object
    • Allowed permissions > Read, Write, Delete, List, Add, Create 
  4. Make sure the expiration date is far into the future. By default, it is 12 hours.
  5. Generate the SAS and connection string. 
  6. Copy the BLOB SAS URL, which looks something like this example:


  1. Paste the SAS URL in the Azure Storage Service SAS URL field. The Storage Account name is a part of the SAS URL. In the previous example, it is patrickstorage

Enable Soft Delete

From MVISION Cloud, capture the configured Storage Account details.

  1. Log in to the Azure portal and go to the Storage Account
  2. Go to Data protection > Blob soft delete
  3. Select Enabled.
  4. Set Retention policies for 365 days.

Configure MVISION Cloud

To configure data storage for Microsoft Azure:

  1. Go to Policy > Policy Settings
  2. Select the Data Storage tab.
  3. Under Data Store, select Your Own
  4. From Data Store Provider, select Microsoft Azure
  5. For Azure Storage Account Name enter the name of the Storage Container
  6. Enter the Azure Storage Service SAS URL. Enter the name of the Blob SAS URL. For more information, see Microsoft Azure documentation, Using Shared Access Signatures (SAS)
  7. Click Test Connection
  8. Click Save

NOTE: If the Test Connection fails, first verify that all parameters are correct. If it still fails, then contact MVISION Cloud Support, and provide the error message from the failure. If you need to update parameters after saving them, MVISION Cloud Support can enable this. 

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