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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

3.9.1 Release Notes

Service Management

We're excited to share our new page for configuring and managing services, unifying both via API and Proxy services in a single page. The Service Management page works seamlessly with our Multi-Instance feature set, allowing you to configure an instance of any cloud service. Each instance has it's own status indicators and notifications.

Policy Management

AWS Policy Templates

New AWS-specific Policy Templates can now be used right out of the box to better secure your AWS deployments. You'll find the following on the Policy Templates page:

  • CloudTrail Logs Encrypted with CMKs
  • EC2 instance belongs to a VPC
  • Verify if Default Security Group is used by EC2
  • Unrestricted Access to non HTTP/HTTPS ports
  • CloudTrail Logging Disabled for Account
  • Validate CloudTrail Log File Integrity
  • MFA Delete Enabled on S3 Buckets
  • Check Lifecycle policy on S3 Bucket
  • IAM user is not assigned IAM policies
  • Sufficient RDS backup retention period

U.S. Driver's License Number Data Identifiers  

New data identifiers have been added for each U.S. State's driver's license numbers, including validation and keywords. For details, see U.S. Driver's License Numbers

Also, on the Create New DLP Policy page, the user interface has been updated to list the categories and data identifiers in a more easy to use format. For details, see DLP Policy Rules and Rule Groups

Column Width Persistence

On the Policy Incidents Summary and Policy Incidents pages, in the table view, you can change the column width, and when you log out and log in again, your changes will persist. For details see Policy Incidents Summary

Policy Incident Details on External and Internal Collaborators

On the Policy Incidents page, in the Details pane, External and Internal collaborators are now displayed on separate tabs. For details, see Policy Incidents Page. 

Known Issues

For details, see MVISION Cloud Known Issues

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