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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Enterprise Connector 3.7.1

Enterprise Connector 3.7.1    

Click here to Download Enterprise Connector 3.7.1.

SIEM Export for Anomalies and Incidents

In the SIEM Export, new fields are supported for anomalies and incidents. For details, see Enterprise Connector SIEM Integration Formats.

Enterprise Connector Active Directory Integration

Using the Enterprise Connector Active Directory integration to fetch data for IP-user mapping won’t discover all connected Domain Controllers by default. It will rather fetch the data from the Domain Controller configured in the UI. To fetch data from multiple Domain Controllers, enable replication in your environment so that a single Domain Controller can be the source of IP-user login/logout data for mapping in EC. For details see Username to Event Logon Mapping.

Known Issues   

For details, see Enterprise Connector Known Issues.

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