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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

3.6 Release Notes

Skyhigh for Shadow IT

My Dashboard (Beta)

My Dashboard provides a summary of the Shadow IT data you care about at a glance using cards, which are based on Saved Views in Usage Analytics. To access My Dashboard, go to Executive Summary > My Dashboard, or click the My Dashboard tab. MVISION Cloud has created cards from Recommended Views to get you started, but you can customize My Dashboard by adding new cards, and drag and drop to reorganize how cards are displayed. Cards are interactive, and provide actionable insights every time you log in to MVISION Cloud. Card graphs display the changes over the time range of the Saved View. For complete details, see My Dashboard

Report Manager (Beta)

With Report Manager, you can manage, run, and edit reports you have already created on service usage, and export them in multiple formats. These reports can be constrained to specific date ranges and customized with selected report parameters. For complete details, see Report Manager (Beta)

Skyhigh for Sanctioned IT

Skyhigh for Office 365 Real-time Collaboration Control

MVISION Cloud allows you to leverage a new policy type that can be used to apply real-time controls but from API mode. The API Realtime policy uses Office 365 synchronous events to monitor collaboration activity in SharePoint/OneDrive via API, and blocks sharing if the activity violates any policies.

API Realtime DLP policies work with document metadata tags instead content-based rules such as Data-Identifier, Keyword, Regular Expression, etc.

Skyhigh for AWS 

Configuration Improvements

When you configure new instances of MVISION Cloud for AWS, or when you edit existing configurations, you can now specify the Preferred Name of an account. This means you can count on human-readable names to help you tell different AWS account apart. For example, you can name accounts as qa, pre-prod, or prod. If you're adding multiple AWS accounts, you can now associate Role ARN IDs with the Preferred Name. 

Other improvements include the ability to import Policy Templates at the time you're setting up MVISION Cloud for AWS. 

Real-time Incident Validation

Using the new side panel, you can "refresh" an incident to see if an incident has been dealt with since the last AWS scan (which runs once every 24 hours). Any updates to the status are reflected.

Policy Management

Policy Template Improvements

The new Policy Templates page gives you a new and improved way to filter and choose Policy Templates. With just a few clicks, you can apply Policy Templates specific to your cloud service, industry, or business requirement. The Policy Templates page also brings together policy management for Security Configuration Audit policies used to IaaS services and the other API-enabled CSPs.

New Security Configuration Audit Policy

The latest Security Configuration Audit Policy alerts you if any AWS IAM users have outdated access keys (older than 30 days) in use. Keeping access keys current helps to reduce your risk if credentials are accidentally exposed.

Service Governance

Users Overview page (Beta)

The Users page generates a report on the users accessing specific cloud services within your organization. Use the filters to select a specific service or use the Omnibar search for a service to generate users’ overview. You can display User data in a Grid (table or spreadsheet) view, or create a Chart view. It also provides easy access to Filters, Saved Views, and allows you to display the user Details dialog with a single click. For complete details, see Users Overview (Beta)

Services (Beta) and Users (Beta) Tie-in

The Services (Beta) and Users (Beta) pages are connected, using the same data and filters. From the Services page, you can access Users data directly by clicking the link in the Users column. And from the Users page, you can access Services data directly by clicking the link in the Services column. For complete details, see Services (Beta) and Users Overview (Beta)

Schedule Reports Directly from the Services (Beta) and Users (Beta) Pages

You can schedule reports directly from the Services (Beta) and Users (Beta) pages. To schedule a new report, in the grid or chart view of either page, select Actions > Schedule a Report. For complete details, see Services (Beta) and Users Overview (Beta)

Views Tab in the Filters Sidebar

On the Services (Beta) and Users (Beta) pages, Saved Views are displayed in a new tab on the Filters sidebar. Click a Saved View to add it immediately to your search in the Omnibar. You can also create a new card on the My Dashboard page using a Saved View. 

Anomalous Access Location Anomalies

Excessive Usage from Anomalous Location Threat 

MVISION Cloud generates a new Compromised Account Threat type for Anomalous Access Location Anomalies called Excessive Usage from Anomalous Location.  

Download a List of Activities from Anomalous Access Locations

You can download a list of activities from Anomalous Access Location Anomalies from the Anomaly Details pane. 

Known Issues  

For details, see MVISION Cloud Known Issues

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