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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

Enterprise Connector 3.5

Enterprise Connector 3.5 

Click here to Download Enterprise Connector 3.5

Also, see Enterprise Connector Known Issues

Enterprise Connector SMTP Fix

If Enterprise Connector SMTP is configured for your MVISION Cloud instance, there is a known issue with EC 3.5 where Services (Beta) Report Emails from the MVISION Cloud Dashboard (available as part of the MVISION Cloud 3.5.1 release) remain stuck in the queue and will not be delivered. Install Enterprise Connector 3.5.1 to resolve this issue. For help, contact MVISION Cloud Support

Enterprise Connector Installer Improvements

The Enterprise Connector Installer interface has been improved with feedback from customers and the field:

  • Provide a list of environments to choose from where EC should point to. If nothing is specified, it uses
  • Improved layout of the MVISION Cloud Connection page clarifies. Also, the user is warned of any white space when they copy and paste passwords.
  • Improved Proxy Settings page, including clarified text and simplified options. The default is HTTPS proxy and port 8080. 
  • Improved IP Binding settings page, including allowing server registration to be skipped for re-installs, improved text and layout, and more. 
  • Windows service page improvements including clarified text and layout, and default to the Local Service account. 

IMPORTANT: As of EC 3.5, the installer parameter -Venv=<environment_url> is no longer supported. 

For updated install instructions, refer to: 

Palo Alto Networks PAN Autocommit

The Enterprise Connector Palo Alto Networks Integration page now allows you to perform Panorama and Device-Group commits at the same time. 

PAN Log Dual-Mode Processing Improvement

PAN log dual-mode processing has been improved, where traffic logs won’t be processed if a corresponding event is not found in the URL or threat logs. For complete details, see PAN Log Dual-Mode Processing

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