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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

4.3.1 Release Notes (September 2019)

Cloud Security Maturity Dashboard

The Cloud Security Maturity Dashboard allows you to gain visibility into your cloud environment, measures your security metrics in comparison to peers you select, and provides recommendations on areas where your team can improve security. For details, see About the Cloud Security Maturity Dashboard

DevOps Template Scan

DevOps On-Demand Template Scans identify compliance issues and enforce remediation steps one time, compared to issues in a template replicating across your IaaS deployment. Checking these issues earlier in the DevOps cycle saves time and effort.

Email Templates

The Policy > Policy Settings > Email Templates user interface has been updated, and templates are updated to work with new policy response actions. For details, see Email Templates

Incident API Changes

Please note the following changes to the Incident API:

  • Removed groupId
  • Added a three-letter and dash prefix to incidentIdto identify incident types:
    • SHW – Shadow Anomaly
    • ANO – Sanctioned Anomaly
    • THR – Threat
    • APP – Connected Apps Policy Incident
    • AUD – Audit Policy Incident
    • CAP – Cloud Access Policy Incident
    • DLP – Data Loss Policy Incident
    • EPO – ePO Violation
    • MAL – Malware Violation

Integration with McAfee Mobile Cloud Security Solution

The McAfee® Mobile Cloud Security Solution (MMCS) allows you to extend protection to mobile devices using McAfee® Web Gateway Cloud Service (McAfee® WGCS), based on Cloud Application Control policies. After you set up MMCS, software on mobile devices redirects HTTP/HTTPS traffic to McAfee WGCS for filtering. Settings that McAfee WGCS uses to filter HTTP/HTTPS traffic are configured in Cloud Application Control policies. MMCS supports Android and iOS devices, along with third party Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions from AirWatch, MobileIron, and Microsoft InTune. MDM software consists of client software that is installed on the mobile devices and server software that administrators configure to manage the devices.

Report Emails and Limitations

MVISION Cloud Report emails now include a link to the report in Report Manager, and an attachment, if the file is less than 25 MB. 

Reports also have new limitations:

  • XLSX. Limited to 200,000 rows. 
  • PDF. Limited to 200,000 rows. 
  • CSV. 1 million rows. 
  • Attachment Size. 25 MB

For complete details, see Create a Report

Service Group Notifications

Service Group Notifications send email alerts to users with Compliance Manager and Governance roles about services that are added or removed from a specified service group. For details, see Service Group Notifications

Additional AWS JSON Minimum Permissions

Configuration Audit and On-Demand Scans require some additional AWS permissions. For complete details, see AWS JSON Minimum Permissions.

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