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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

4.1.2 Release Notes (March 2019)


Detect Mobile Devices Based on User Agent in Activity Monitoring

In Incidents > User Activity > Activity Monitoring, you can search and filter for mobile devices in activities using the Network Type filter Mobile User Agent. It identifies mobile devices based on the browser’s name and version, rendering engine, device’s model number, operating system, etc. For details, see Activity Tab


In a Scheduled Scan Filter 

The In A Scheduled Scan filter allows you to see the buckets have not been part of a DLP scan in the last 30 days. If a bucket was not scanned, for whatever reason, it is flagged No. If all buckets are scanned, they are flagged Yes. For details, see In a Scheduled Scan

Skip CloudTrail Buckets in On-Demand Scans

By default, CloudTrail buckets are excluded from On-Demand Scans, which speeds up the scanning process by skipping the activity logs. For details, see Create an On-Demand Scan for AWS

Update to Quarantine Management  

Quarantine Management has been updated. As part of this change, Quarantined Files are now available for analysis and manual remediation action via the Policy > Policy Incidents page. For details, see Items in Quarantine


Existing “Unrestricted Access” policies have been changed to generate incidents from AWS-linked resources on Security Groups as well that are linked to EC2 instances. Previously, the incidents were created on EC2 only, and after this change, the incidents are created on both EC2 and Security Groups.

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