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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

4.3.2 Release Notes (November 2019)

Malware Policies support in Google Cloud Platform 

Malware Policies are now extended to Google Cloud Platform. To learn more about Malware Policies, see Malware Policies.

On-Demand Scanning Estimation for IaaS 

Before running an On-Demand Scan on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, you will be able to view an estimate of how long the scan will take to complete. 

IaaS Resource API 

The new IaaS Resources API can be used to get detailed information about resources, such as Security Configuration Incidents, tags, and additional details of the resource. See IaaS Resources API.

Improvements for special character support in Fingerprints 

Structured Fingerprints now have enhanced abilities to support indexed names that contain spaces and special characters.

Salesforce Winter 2020 Support 

MVISION Cloud v4.3.2 will support Salesforce Winter 2020.

DevOps Templates Scan API

We have released a new API to scan Cloud Formation template and fetch the result of the scan. For more information, see DevOps templates.

Integrating MVISION Cloud Shift-Left inline API 

MVISION Cloud for Github

You can now integrate MVISION Cloud DevOps scans using an inline API with Jenkins and GitHub. For details, see MVISION Cloud for Github.

Integrate Bitbucket with Jenkins

The MVISION Cloud DevOps security also has an inline API to integrate with Jenkins and Bitbucket. For details, see Integrate MVISION Cloud Inline APIs with Jenkins, GitHub, and Bitbucket.

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