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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

5.2.2 Release Notes (December 2020)

Cloud Security Advisor (CSA)

CSA for Connected Apps for Microsoft 365

The Cloud Security Advisor now supports Connected Apps for Microsoft 365 with new statistics in the Cloud Security Report. For details, see Cloud Security Report

CSA for Configuration Audit

The Cloud Security Advisor now supports Configuration Audit with new statistics in the Cloud Security Report. For details, see Cloud Security Report

Threats and Anomalies

Chart View

The Chart View has been updated for both Threats and Anomalies page. For details, see Threats and Anomalies.

New Dashboard Cards

Threats and Anomalies are included as new dashboard cards. You can add these cards to the dashboard. For details, see About My Dashboard Card and  Create a new card.

Reverse Proxy for Slack

MVISION Cloud supports reverse proxy for Slack and provides the different ways to access Slack via Reverse Proxy. For details, see Reverse Proxy for Slack.

About Microsoft Dynamics 365

MVISION Cloud supports a new CSP Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Dynamics 365 supports the following use cases such as On-Demand Scan Compliance, Activity Monitoring, and Contextual Access Control. For details, see About MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

On-Demand Scan for ServiceNow

MVISION Cloud supports On-Demand Scan for ServiceNow. For details, see Create an On-Demand Scan for ServiceNow.


Vulnerability Incident Details Improvements  

On the Policy Incidents page, the Vulnerability Incident Details pane is improved for usage, readability, and performance. For details, see Vulnerability Incident Details

Enhanced Vulnerabilities Report 

The Vulnerabilities report for Container Security now includes the Vulnerability Severity: High, Medium, Low, or Unassigned. For details, see Report - Vulnerabilities

Enhanced Container Vulnerability Scans

Container Vulnerability Scans (CVS) are based on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), which assigns industry-standard scores to vulnerabilities. MVISION Cloud uses CVSSv2 and CVSSv3, defaulting to CVSSv3 when there are differences. For details, see About Container Vulnerability Scans


Filter for Unassigned Incidents 

On the Incidents > Policy Incidents page, to find incidents that have not been assigned to a user, under the Owner filter, click Unassigned. For details, see Policy Incidents Page

Filter for Unassigned Resolution Action 

On the Incidents > Policy Incidents page, to find incidents that have not been assigned a Resolution Action, under the Resolution Action filter, click Unassigned. For details, see Policy Incidents Page

Box Folder ID in Incident Details

The Box Folder ID is displayed in the Policy Incidents Details Pane for DLP incidents. If the violation is a file, it shows the immediate parent folder's ID. If the violation is a folder, it shows the immediate parent folder ID that contains the folder. For details, see Policy Incidents Page

Detokenize a Report

On the Report Manager page, you can either detokenize a tokenized report, or directly download a tokenized report. However, you must have the detokenization privilege. For details, see Detokenize a Report

New Cloud Registry Attributes

The following new Cloud Registry attributes have been added: Penalty on SLAEncryption Strength in BackupData Encryption Supported in BackupDatacenter SecuritySecurity Incident Notification. Click the respective attributes to learn more.

Cloud Connector Health Notification

Notifications for Cloud Connector triggers an email notification for the overall health and running status of Cloud Connector.  The email notifications are sent hourly.  Cloud Connector health notifications are sent only for the CC monitored list. For details, see Add a Notification for Cloud Connector.

Global Notification Settings for Unmatched Uploads

Admins can enable Global Notification Settings for Unmatched Uploads for Volume of Data and Upload User Count. For details, see Global Notifications Settings

D-U-N-S Number in the Services Report

A D-U-N-S number is a unique nine-digit number identifier for a cloud service providers' business headquarters assigned by Dun & Bradstreet. You can add the D-U-N-S number to a Services report and export it from the Services Overview page. For details, see Report - Add the D-U-N-S Number to the Services Report

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