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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

5.4.0 Release Notes (May 2021)

End of Support Planned for Internet Explorer 11 Browser

Microsoft has begun to end-of-life Internet Explorer 11 with an announcement that it will no longer be supported as of August 17, 2021. In conjunction, McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud plans to stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 as of September 30, 2021. For details, see Internet Explorer 11 End of Life

Going forward, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are preferred. For details, see Supported Web Browsers

Sanctioned DLP Policy Wizard

The new Sanctioned DLP Policy Wizard improves consistency in policies, allowing you to build Sanctioned DLP policies including rules, exceptions, and responses for all services in an easy-to-use, step-by-step wizard. For details, see Create or Edit a Sanctioned DLP Policy

Vulnerability Severities

When creating a Vulnerability Policy, MVISION Cloud now supports five severities: Info, Warning, Low, Medium, and High. For details, see Create a Vulnerability Policy

Vulnerability Scans for Kubernetes with Amazon EKS

You can now scan Amazon EKS Kubernetes main and secondary nodes for vulnerabilities when you select VM instances. The main node is scanned by default, and you can add Tags to specify any secondary nodes. For details, see Create a Vulnerability Scan for AWS

Security Configuration Audit for Microsoft Teams

Security Configuration Audit for SaaS, part of MVISION Cloud's SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) solution, now supports Microsoft Teams. For details, see About Security Configuration Audit for SaaS

Cloud Security Advisor - Edit and Revoke Credits and Waivers

In the Cloud Security Advisor, when you take credit for another solution or claim a waiver to include your score, you can also now edit the reason you claimed for the credit or waiver, and you can revoke that credit or waiver. Credits and waivers expire after a duration of one year. For details, see Cloud Security Advisor Checklist.

Move Service Instance to Production

MVISION Cloud now provides an option to move your service instance from the sandbox environment to production and this feature is applicable for all cloud services. For details, see Move Salesforce Instance to ProductionMove ServiceNow Instance to Production, and Move Slack Instance to Production.

Removed Per Scan Level Settings options from IaaS DLP Scan

From MVISION Cloud 5.4.0 onwards, the per scan level settings options such as File Size and Restrict File Type(s) to are removed from the IaaS DLP Scan. For details, see Create an On-Demand Scan for AzureCreate an On-Demand Scan for AWS, and Create an On-Demand Scan for GCP.

Search for a User in the Omnibar without SALT Value

The tokenized user with detokenized permission can now search for users directly from the Omnibar without using the SALT value. For details, see Search for a User in the Omnibar.

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