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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

MVISION Cloud Connector 4.1.1

Enterprise Connector is now MVISION Cloud Connector 

You'll notice we're transitioning over to our new name in the UI and in all other areas of our product. MVISION Cloud is part of the McAfee MVISION Portfolio, which delivers consolidated management, back-end automation, and deep context to protect your data, thwart attacks, and mount a more efficient defense. Enterprise Connector is now called MVISION Cloud Connector. The product user interface and documentation site have been rebranded as of the 4.1.1 product release. 

MVISION Cloud Connector 4.1.1           

Click here to Download Cloud Connector 4.1.1

Cloud Config SIEM Integration

SIEM configuration for the Cloud Connector has moved to the MVISION Cloud user interface, at Settings > Infrastructure > EC Configuration , on the SIEM tab. For details see About EC Configuration

Known Issues          

For details, see Enterprise Connector Known Issues.

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