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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

MVISION Cloud Connector 5.0.1

MVISION Cloud Connector 5.0.1

Click here to Download Cloud Connector 5.0.1.  

MVISION Cloud Connector 5.0.1 and Later (IAM Login)

MVISION Cloud Connector 5.0.1 is updated to work with tenants that have been migrated to McAfee IAM login. If you have an email address that is used on more than one tenant, during the install procedure, you will see a new step to select the tenant you want to log into. For details, see Download and Install MVISION Cloud Connector

There is also a Known Issue, that if you try to install Cloud Connector 5.0.1 on a tenant that has not yet been migrated to IAM login, you will see an error. For details, see MVISION Cloud Connector Known Issues

For complete details, see MVISION Cloud Connector 5.0.1 and Later (IAM Login).

Maximum Untouched Time

The Maximum Untouched Time taken by MVISION Cloud Connector to pick up the raw log files to process maximum value has been expanded from 3 hours to 24 hours, which is expressed in milliseconds. For details, see EC Config Log Processing.

Configure Syslog Over TLS for Bluecoat

Blue Coat does not support sending feeds to a hostname, only to the IP address. So the MVISION Cloud Connector certificate, (the browser certificate) imported to Blue Coat will cause a mismatch with the Common Name. For details, see Configure Syslog Over TLS for Bluecoat

Known Issues               

For details, see Enterprise Connector Known Issues.

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