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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

MVISION Cloud Connector 5.3.1

IMPORTANT: To view download pages and download MVISION Cloud software installers, you must be logged in and authenticated in MVISION Cloud Help (MindTouch). Log in here

MVISION Cloud Connector 5.3.1 

Click here to Download Cloud Connector 5.3.1.    

MVISION Cloud Connector Syslog Service Supports TLSv1.3 

MVISION Cloud Connector Syslog service supports TLSv1.3 protocol for inbound and outbound connections. For details, see Cloud Connector Config Syslog.

Creating a Customized Service Details Business Report

 You can customize the Business Report (PDF) by generating the report for only the selected attributes on the Service Details page. For details, see Creating a Customized Service Details Business Report.

Mapping Shadow IT Custom Attributes

For multiple Cloud Connector instances, Shadow IT Custom Attributes need to be consistent and in the same order across all Cloud Connector instances. You need to assign a unique Custom Display Name to identify the AD attributes that are ingested. For details, see Cloud Connector Config Custom Attributes.



For details, see MVISION Cloud Connector Known Issues.

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