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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

MVISION Cloud Connector 5.4.0

IMPORTANT: To view download pages and download MVISION Cloud software installers, you must be logged in and authenticated in MVISION Cloud Help (MindTouch). Log in here

MVISION Cloud Connector 5.4.0   

Click here to Download Cloud Connector 5.4.0.

Cloud Connector Migration to RocksDB

To improve user experience, Cloud Connector is migrating from LevelDB to RocksDB. Most of this migration requires no action on your part. However, there is one short procedure that needs to be completed to migrate two caches to set RocksDB as the only data store. 

Cloud Connector is FIPS Compliant

Starting with MVISION Cloud 5.4.0 onwards, by default MVISION Cloud Connector is Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant. For details, see MVISION Cloud Connector Commands

Known Issues                

For details, see MVISION Cloud Connector Known Issues.

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