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Skyhigh Security

3.7 Release Notes

New Service Governance Pages


We’re pleased to announce the updated versions of the following pages:

These will now be rolled out gradually as the default versions. For a limited time, you can access the former (Classic) versions of the pages, until we notify you of our plan to retire them.  If you have feedback or questions, please contact Skyhigh CASB Support or your sales representative.

Skyhigh for IaaS

Custom Rules using AWS Tags

Custom policy rules based on AWS tags allows you to leverage tag-related work your organization already has in place to report on AWS resources. Tagged AWS resources can also be used to build custom configuration audit policy rules to check for the absence of a tag.

Custom Rules using Lambda

Skyhigh CASB introduces a second method to create custom policy rules using Python-based Lambda scripts. You can upload zipped Lambda code, or auto-discover pre-defined Lambda functions in an AWS account.

DLP for AWS S3 Buckets

With Skyhigh CASB DLP for S3, you can assess the state of sensitive data in S3 buckets, specifically to identify configuration issues. DLP for S3 is another way to monitor your S3 deployment.

Skyhigh for Sanctioned Apps

Encryption Policies Redesign

Encryption policies are now created and edited in a brand new UI. In addition to the improved UI, we've added schema detection and custom object/field encryption abilities.

Usage Analytics 

User Details Pane

The Users Details pane now includes links to the Users modal, Services page, the Services Traffic tab, and details on Anomalies generated by that user. From this pane, you can also export a CSV file of the User's Anomalies and Upload Activities. For details, see Users Overview

Policy Management 

Geo IP Location-Based Access Control Policies

You can now set access control based on geographical location using Geo IP Access Control Policies. You can white list or black list locations, then allow or prevent access to IPs based in those geographical areas.

Additional Policy Violation Information

In the Policy Incidents page, device information from cloud access policies or proxy DLP incidents is now displayed. You can search and sort violations for remediation or assign to other remediators based on this information.

New Data Identifier Keywords

The keywords used with the US Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) have been updated in our list of Data Identifier Definitions.  

Enterprise Connector

Automatic Proxy Configuration for Zscaler

The Automatic Proxy Configuration for Zscaler wizard now includes a check box that allows you to add an SHN prefix to Skyhigh CASB Service Group names in order to generate corresponding Zscaler Custom Categories. Skyhigh CASB also notifies your admin if you have reached Zscaler's limit of 25,000 URLs and Custom Categories via error message and email notification. To correct the problem, you can deselect Service Groups to remove them using the configuration wizard. 

Skyhigh Dashboard

Captcha Requirement for Failed Login

If you have entered the wrong password three times on your Skyhigh CASB account, you will be required to enter the Captcha security check code to sign in. For details, see Failed Login

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