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Skyhigh Security

3.8.1 Release Notes



Ingestion of Logs from Multiple CloudTrail Buckets

Admins can now configure multiple CloudTrail buckets when configuring Skyhigh CASB for AWS, which includes support for mapping a specific CloudTrail bucket to many AWS accounts,while specifying additional buckets. Additionally, this new feature allows organizations to segregate logs, meaning all Frankfurt DC logs could stay within a CloudTrail bucket created for the EMEA region.

Service Governance

Multiple Dashboard Cards Linked to a Saved View

On My Dashboard, you may now associate multiple cards with a single Saved View, while creating or editing a card. This provides more flexibility while managing My Dashboard cards. For details, see Create a New Card

Add to Omnibar Filters

On the Services Overview, Users Overview, and Cloud Registry pages, you can now right-click in most table cells and either select Copy or Add to Omnibar to add that text to the Omnibar for your search. Add to Ominbar filters are available for specific table columns per page. For details, see Services Overview, Users Overview, or Cloud Registry

Omnibar Search Results Displayed by Relevance

Search results are displayed by relevance, by order of: exact match, begins with, and contains the word. For details, see About the Omnibar

Omnibar Date Picker Preset Ranges Include the Current Day

In the Omnibar Date Picker, preset date values now include the current day when the report executes. For details, see Date Ranges in the Omnibar.

Read Only User in Skyhigh Dashboard

To give a user Read Only access to the Skyhigh CASB dashboard, toggle Read Only to ON. For details, see Adding a New User

Policy Management

Cryptocurrency Addresses and UK Postcodes

Popular Cryptocurrency Addresses and UK Postcode Data Identifier keywords have been added and updated. For details see Data Identifier Definitions

Skyhigh Dashboard

Delete a User

On the Setup & Configuration > User Settings page, an admin can delete a user who has access to the Skyhigh CASB dashboard and is listed in the User Settings page. Once deleted, the user is marked as deleted in the database, but not actually removed from the database. The user will no longer be displayed on the User Settings page and will not be included in CSV exports. For details, see Delete a User

IMPORTANT: This action cannot be undone. The user will be permanently removed, and you cannot reuse that user's email address. 

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